Industry Sectors

Brightstar Steel Stockholders

Steel Stockholders:

We provide our services for several of the leading stockholders in the UK, most commonly the blast cleaning of steel plates including pre-fabrication primers. Our capacity for plates ranges from 2000*1250*3mm to 12,000*3000*30+mm. We offer a quick turnaround for stockholders, generally two-three  days depending on workload.

Brightstar General Fabrication

General Fabrication:

Our scope for general fabrications varies, we offer a standard shot blast and prime service for simple and complex fabrications, through to multi-coat and duplex systems for a multitude of industries. From machine guards and protective barriers to large pressure vessels and duct hoppers. Our quick turnaround and competitive pricing structures make us appealing to many of our clients.

Brightstar Construction


Brightstar process structural and secondary steelwork on an almost daily basis, our quick turnaround of up to 5 days for a 30-tonne load makes us advantageous to all fabricators and sub-contractors, ensuring your steelwork arrives on-site, on time.

Brightstar Forging & Castings

Forgings & Castings:

Forgings and castings are normally processed on a ‘Shotblast only’ basis ensuring all areas are free from heavy mill scale, this service is generally required to undertake non-destructive testing and for additional steps in the production process.

Brightstar Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering:

From local authorities to national projects, we offer an unparalleled service to our clients in terms of quality and cost effectiveness, products processed range from tensioned bar systems commonly seen in construction and bridges to secondary steelwork and balconies on many prestigious buildings in our Capital city of London.

Brightstar Rail & Maintenence

Rail & Maintenance:

Brightstar are fully compliant with Network Rail specification N2, which is the equivalent of the TSA system N1, processed items commonly include buffers, stoppers and plates. We also provide our services for the rail maintenance sector, some items include lifting jacks, swing jib cranes, modular service pits & associated parts.

Brightstar Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas:

Our services within the Oil & Gas sector vary depending on the client. We have been involved in numerous projects spanning across various divisions. Such as blast proof modular buildings, pumps and bases, sub-sea controls & drilling equipment. All completed within stringent controls and procedures as per your specification.

Brightstar Power Generation

Power Generation:

We have completed numerous projects for various sectors within the power generation industry, most notably for: Hydroelectric facilities, Nuclear power stations, Wind technology & Solar. All processes are executed within specification and time frame.

Brightstar Defence


Brightstar have provided their services and expertise in several projects from the defence sector, from the redesign of the Foxhound patrol vehicle through to the minesweeper attachments on the Stryker armoured vehicle.

Brightstar Domestic


We also offer our services to the domestic market, whether it be a race chassis, motorbike frame, steel wheels, garden gates etc